Christmas Season is the season of giving and sharing; day of merry making and joy; the time of happiness and forgiveness. It is also an occasion for family get-together working with TKHS is like working with second family, hence, TKHS Management did not forget to set this special mom ent to gather and celebrate Christmas as one family at Calayo Green Terrace, Nasugbu Bata ngas held last Decem ber 16, 201 7.

Together with the Executive Director, Mr. Samuel Wilson and our visitors from macau namely Sixto Acordo, Butch Jorda, Junelin Ariza la and Cristine Real and his parents.

The whole TKHS Manila team, enjoyed the delicious foods that were served especially the cocktail. Also for the presentation of every site with a theme of musical and

black/white outfit like Americana, that has been the most exciting activity for the night. Everyone enjoyed looking for the gifts raffle, winner for the presentation and other awards. The night ended with a lot of fun dancing, drinking and swimming at the pool. It was really a wonderful night well-spent, and surely fun moments to look back.


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