Revolutionizing Onsite Warehousing: TKHS Expands to the Middle East with Mobile Solutions

TKHS, a leading provider of innovative logistics solutions, is excited to announce the expansion of their mobile onsite warehousing services to the Middle East. With their state-of-the-art modular tent structures, TKHS offers instant sheltered storage for FF&E, OS&E, and other materials in even the most remote locations.

The introduction of TKHS‘s onsite warehousing solution comes as a game-changer for preopening storage, sorting, and distribution of owner-supplied materials in the Middle East. These versatile tents can now be installed on their fourth continent, showcasing TKHS‘s commitment to meeting the needs of their global clients.

Covering an impressive area of 2,100 square meters, the TKHS tent structure is designed to provide a secure and spacious storage environment. Its 9-meter internal height allows for efficient utilization of space, enabling the installation of racking systems to accommodate palletized cargo.

Large-scale hospitality projects often face challenges when it comes to onsite storage and staging areas. By leveraging TKHS‘s temporary warehouse structures, project managers can overcome these obstacles and ensure that all necessary materials are conveniently accessible whenever required.

Offsite storage alternatives can be expensive and time-consuming, with security concerns and transportation delays posing risks to project completion. TKHS‘s solution eliminates these drawbacks by providing on-site storage solutions that can be quickly installed in close proximity to the project site. This allows for seamless access to equipment, tools, and parts, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

The installation process for TKHS‘s temporary storage structures is remarkably efficient and adaptable. Whether on asphalt, concrete, or even directly on the ground, these structures can be erected on various surfaces, offering flexibility and convenience.


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