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TKHS Group was founded by Executive Director Samuel Wilson, who also directly oversees the day to day running of the company. Mr Wilson is a qualified Civil Engineer (MEng) who graduated from Imperial College, London, and has undertaken further studies at the University of Cambridge and at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Mr Wilson’s 17-year career has been spent solely in Asia-Pacific, where he has delivered the logistical needs of the largest and most complex hospitality and resort projects in the region. During this time he has been stationed in the major hospitality enclaves, namely Macau, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Mr Wilson pioneered the development and customisation of logistics services for the hospitality and resort industry through experience in senior management positions for both global logistics service providers, as well as in the operations, construction and procurement departments of larges integrated resort developers in the region. This unique blend of experience allows Mr Wilson to effectively steer TKHS to fully understand, meet and exceed the requirements of our clients through an in-depth understanding of such projects, as well as having the broad range of contacts and partners required for delivery.

‘we continue to see strong demand for our services and expertise not only within the Asia-Pacific region but also increasingly in the US as well as Europe. Throughout 2021, we will continue to grow within our existing markets but also further extend our global reach to support our clients as they grow into new areas.’ Sam Wilson – Executive Director ’

Why Choose us

TKHS’s highly skilled management team are currently overseeing projects in Macau, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Vietnam, USA, Cyprus and Australia. We provide the right management and the flexibility to meet the challenging needs of the hospitality industry. Experienced, ☑ Flexible, ☑ Dedicated, ☑ Cost Effective ☑



We able to change easily and adapt to different conditions and circumstances.


We totally dedicated and brings out the best to every project we handled.

Cost Effective

We as professional with experience in this kind of work can give you most cost effective for your logistic needs and warehousing projects.

Samuel Wilson

Executive director

Alex Ross